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Specialist Inheritance Law Firm and Law Firm for Inheritance Law

HOSSER Rechtsanwalt is your law firm for inheritance law, company succession and for corporate litigation. We are a specialist law firm for all questions around inheritances, inheriting and bequeathing assets, estate settlement as well as planning one’s own succession.

After a succession case, we offer our clients a thorough and competent consultation on the estate, the distribution of the estate, any special legacy, the community of heirs under German inheritance law, possible claims for a compulsory share, and we consult you on questions of execution of the estate.

For clients who want to structure their anticipated succession, i. e. to transfer their assets to the designated successors during their lifetime – mostly by means of a gift – our specialist law firm for inheritance law offers a consultation on German gift tax law and German inheritance tax law with Dr. Hosser as a German specialist tax lawyer and we can illustrate which taxes would have to be paid after a case of succession.

If you want to draft a last will and testament, as the case may be together with your spouse or registered life partner, then we are the right law firm for you: Dr. Hosser will be your experienced attorney-at-law and specialist lawyer for inheritance law, who will consult you on the drafting of last wills and testaments and on how you can dispose about assets in your last will, different from the results under the statutory heirship rules, on how to determine the amount of the share in the estate, or on what would happen, if you do not leave a testamentary disposition. A professional will drafting usually prevents larger controversies at least as it comes to the interpretation of the last will and testament, its validity as regards form etc.

In many succession cases, inheritance disputes arise about the estate of the decedent or the inheritance, the amount of the inheritance or of a concrete share in it, a compulsory share or about what the decedent left to a legatee. A competent legal consultation with a lawyer specialized in inheritance law, like Dr. Hosser, usually helps to avoid further escalations in an inheritance dispute. If, in individual cases, the dispute cannot be settled, we will be glad to represent you before the German probate court or in an estate litigation in Germany.

On which cases is the specialist law firm for inheritance law specialized?

We decided deliberately to specialize on the consultation on and representation in inheritance law and estate litigation as well as on company successions, while taking into consideration the respective implications pursuant to the German inheritance tax law or German gift tax law.

In addition, we consult and represent you competently and with thorough experience on all issues regarding corporate litigation. These procedures are similar to estate litigation cases in manifold respects.

Because of our long-term experience with international succession cases and estates with international relevance and our expertise we can consult you on your international succession planning as well.

Assigning a specialized inheritance law firm is also useful if you are involved in adversary proceedings before the probate court, for example because of a certificate of inheritance or when you want to be represented in an estate litigation before German courts. We are experienced with such matters.

Why should I assign the specialist law firm for inheritance law Dr. Hosser?

Our law firm for inheritance law is distinguished by our ability to “pull out all the stops” and reach what is legally possible and reasonable in your inheritance law issues. This is especially important in estate litigations, where the issue often enough is not money, but to assert oneself against a heir, co-heirs, legatees, claimants of compulsory shares, an executor of a last will, or other persons claiming their part, or to defend oneself against other claims or behavior from these.

Our clients receive an excellent special consultation with a good price-performance ration. We are the right advisors for difficult inheritance law problems. As a rule, you will be consulted and represented „by the owner“ of our law firm and you can also count on an excellent service by our experienced team.

Specialist lawyer for inheritance law and tax law Dr. Hosser will represent you out-of-court e.g. in negotiations, as a rule, before German courts and also towards German authorities like the inheritance tax office or to third parties in Germany like banks. The ability to consult you on legal problems on the interface of all these sophisticated legal areas is the characteristic feature of our specialist law firm for inheritance law and of Dr. Marcus Hosser, TEP. As a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, Dr. Hosser also has the international experience which is required to deal with international succession cases.

What will a consultation by the law firm for inheritance law and first meetings cost?

You want first-class legal consultation from a specialist law firm on inheritance law and an experienced, very good German lawyer? We will consult you in a way that will convince you. But quality has its price.

If you are looking for the cheapest lawyer who will work on your case with the lowest effort and for a very low price, we will not come together. From us, you will receive an excellent consultation focused on inheritance law, inheritance tax law and corporate litigation, combined with one on tax law implications.

Usually, we invoice our services after being assigned on the basis of a remuneration agreement. The statutory fees for a German attorney-at-law and the respective remuneration for lawyers do not fit for a consultation and representation by a highly specialized law firms for inheritance law like ours.

In international succession cases, i. e. succession cases with international relevance, and asset protection issues, we always conclude a remuneration agreement on the basis of hourly rates, eventually combined with a minimum remuneration for the legal matter in question. Please feel free to ask us for details.

What can I expect from the specialist law firm for inheritance law and how do I get in touch?

Despite the complex legal topics that we deal with for our clients, our aim is to enable our clients to take a well-informed decision on the further proceeding to solve the legal problems of our clients. We help you to make decisions with which you will be fine.

The numerous very good evaluations, mostly for a perennial consultation in difficult succession cases, speak for themselves and for the choice of our Specialist law firm for inheritance law with Dr. Marcus Hosser, TEP.

Call us today. We will quickly clarify by phone if our law firm for inheritance law can assist you.

If you prefer to send us a message, you can do so; see Office Locations and Contact Data for sending us an email with a short description of what you think is the main issues of your case. We are looking forward to your contacting.

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