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Other Fields of Expertise

You could not find your legal concern on our site?

This can have different reasons: Our consequent specialization on inheritance law issues and corporate litigation means that we cannot cover many other legal fields. This is the price of our specialization on our fields of expertise.

A further reason is that, even within our fields of expertise, we cannot present all possible consultation topics with an own site without damaging our web page`s transparency. This is also the case for some very special topics (such as insolvency of the estate and curatorship for an estate).

In the framework of our specialization, we endeavor to help our clients as much as possible. If your legal problem has to do with a case of succession, please feel free to call us so that we can briefly discuss, if we can be of assistance for you or not.

The same applies in the case of legal issues with an already ongoing or imminent corporate litigation. We will be happy to talk with you and find out what we can do for you.

As a rule, we do not counsel about other fields of expertise, namely about legal issues without any affinity to a succession or corporate litigation – even if the actual legal issue is placed in the context of the United States of America, Canada, or Great Britain.

However, if the task is to repatriate funds or assets from one of these countries, do not hesitate to talk to us, if we can provide support for this repatriation, and also as it comes to different countries than the aforementioned three countries.

The fact that we have not listed other counties than those does neither mean that we would not accept an international succession case, e. g. with connections to UAE, nor does it mean that we have not dealt with cases of succession in other countries in our practice.

We are always trying to help clients and former clients of our law firm with legal problems that are not covered by our consultation portfolio, through providing a recommendation, if we already know a colleague foreign attorney-at-law or tax expert in our network who is specialized in this field.

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