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Areas of Law of our Specialist Law Firm for Inheritance Law

Our law firm consults you comprehensively on inheritance law including all succession and asset transfer issues, each under consideration of inheritance tax- and gift tax-related aspects.

Beyond this inheritance law consultation in its broadest sense, we also support our clients in the management of shareholder disputes and in joint efforts to settle them.

One further element of our legal services offered is the consultation on asset protection, which rounds off our consultation offer for private clients.

The area of law „consultation on inheritance law” of our specialized law firm comprises all topics that relate to the transfer of assets by the way of death. Pursuant to German inheritance law, this means in a case of inheritance (in the narrower sense), a transfer according to the German inheritance law principle of universal succession.

This is a matter of which legal consequences arise through the death of the testator and which rights the heirs or other persons with claims against the inheritance (such as legatees or persons entitled to receive a compulsory share) have, in the broadest sense.

Wealth Succession and Company Succession

A wealth succession means that assets are transferred from transferor or donor to the successor in lifetime.

Frequently, this is implemented by donations or so-called transfer contracts which can also define the considerations of the assets’ recipient towards the donor, or the granting of rights of usufruct or of a permanent right of residence.

We also support our clients to set up these contracts in a tax-optimized way and in every other respect to protect the interests of the transferor, for example his own retirement provision, in an optimal way.

Corporate Litigation and Corporate Disputes

On the basis of our experience, we can competently and profoundly consult middle-sized companies, their shareholders or also managing directors on corporate-related disputes or even corporate litigation. This area of law deals with disagreements in a middle-sized company that are so substantial that they threaten the internal “togetherness”. Such disagreements are usually a very heavy burden for the company in which they exist and may even jeopardize its existence.

With our out-of-court consultation about corporate disputes, we try within the scope that is possible to avert a legal dispute. If this does not succeed in a given individual case, we also exercise the rights of our client in the pertinent court procedures, namely in a corporate litigation in Germany.

Despite our law firm’s even stronger focus on inheritance law since 2020, these areas of law and the special areas of law are still key to our law firm, and we gladly answer our clients’ questions on succession, assets and taxes, for which Dr. Hosser’s heart beats as a German lawyer for inheritance law. The same is true for international assets and international inheritances with connections to foreign countries.

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