"My last will" handwritten with a pen. Inheritance law advice: Good consulting before and after a succession is important.

Which consultation is offered on Inheritance law by your specialist inheritance law firm?

Our consulting field „Inheritance and Testament” covers the following legal areas:

  • Drafting last wills and testaments (individual wills, inheritance contracts, so called Berlin testaments and other mutual wills of spouses), also in an international context,
  • general inheritance law-related consultation (statutory heirship rules, formal requirements, contesting last wills, inheritance contracts and contracts on the waiver of the compulsory portion, preliminary and reversionary inheritances or heirship),
  • enforcement or defense of inheritance claims, including such for special legacies,
  • inheritance disputes at the probate court and ordinary courts; estate litigation,
  • realization of compulsory portion claims, for example in the case of disinheritance,
  • settling of an estate and procedures at the probate court (application proceedings for a German certificate of inheritance, application for a certificate of executorship etc.),
  • execution of a last will and testament (consultation of executors of a last will, heirs, etc.),
  • anticipated inheritance with gifts and transfer contracts,
  • precautionary dispositions and Powers of Attorney (including claims of or against attorneys-in-fact),
  • establishing a foundation during lifetime and by the way of death,
  • consultation on German inheritance tax and German gift tax including optimization,
  • international inheritance law with the European Succession Certificate included.

If you have any questions on our consultation offer, please do not hesitate to call us. Contact data of our office locations are available under Offices and Contact Details.

What is so Special in your consultation on inheritance Law?

We draft your last will and testament on a safe inheritance law basis and, if you wish so, also take permissible tax optimization into consideration, regardless of whether you would like to have an individual last will and testament or a mutual, e. g. so-called Berlin testament.

If there is a fight over an inheritance or a special legacy, we also consult you out of court or before German courts, for example regarding shares in the inheritance, restoration, a dispute in the community of heirs, or probate court proceedings. This could also relate to application proceedings for a German certificate of inheritance or for a certificate of executorship based on the appointment of an executor in the decedent’s a last will.

Were you as a person entitled to a compulsory portion pursuant to German Inheritance law, disinherited, was the inheritance diminished by gifts, or have you received less than your legally stipulated compulsory portion? If so, we will assert these claims pursuant to German inheritance law for you – if necessary, even before German courts in an estate litigation.

Let Dr. Hosser as lawyer for inheritance law-issues assist you with the settlement of an inheritance in Germany or abroad. After a succession, we will keep an eye for you on deadlines for a disclaimer of an inheritance, on inheritance tax deadlines or on the rights of persons entitled to a compulsory portion as well as on your other inheritance tax duties.

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