In inheritance disputes two men are facing each other - supporting their hands on the table between them. That is symbolic for inheritance disputes between coheirs.

Inheritance Disputes

Do you have a quarrel with a co-heir, with a person entitled to receive a compulsory portion, or do you as a person entitled to receive a compulsory portion pursuant to German inheritance law, have trouble with the heirs regarding your share of the estate? We are glad to assist you, to take care for any estate litigation in Germany and to answer your legal questions, e.g. like the following ones:

Is it uncommon that your family has an inheritance dispute?

No, you are not alone with the dispute in connection with an inheritance. Inheritance disputes occur very frequently. In particular communities of heirs under German law, are generally prone to dispute. In many cases, the distribution of the estate in terms of allocation to several co-heirs is difficult and either leads to frictions or deepens a conflict that may have been unresolved for years already.

One reasonable way to deal with that is seeking suitable advice about German inheritance law for foreigners. Specialist inheritance lawyer Dr. Hosser is used to explaining German inheritance law issues to customers from abroad or to English speaking customers who reside in Germany.

If a decedent has not left a last will and testament, even descendants who got along very well so far, start a dispute about the consideration of pre-gifts and other prior donations when splitting up the estate, quite often.

Specifics of inheritance disputes and estate litigation in Germany

If persons entitled to receive a compulsory portion are disinherited and so totally or only partially excluded from the inheritance, receiving one’s portion in the estate can even become a matter of estate litigation in Germany – often no punches are pulled. The interests of the heirs and the persons entitled to receive a compulsory portion are, as a rule, opposite. Inevitably, this leads to controversies.

In all these situations, the already strong emotional strains are additionally burdened with financial disadvantages, if justified claims of the opposite side are not at all or not appropriately met, for example claims for information. The legal layperson is hardly in a position to know or to fulfill his or her legal rights and duties. Our law firm for inheritance law knows the legal requirements.

Why should you choose our law firm and which services are offered?

As a law firm specializing on succession law, we assist you professionally in solving these problems. Let us provide you with professional legal support. In the vast majority of cases, your investment in a first-class consultation on German inheritance law pays off economically, and also emotionally.

We consult you out-of-court; where appropriate even in the background; or before German courts in the regions Baden, Palatinate (in Rhineland-Palatinate), Rhine-Neckar or Rhine-Main, or, upon request, nationwide in Germany. We also represent you in estate litigation cases or succession law appeal proceedings before the German Regional Courts or Higher Regional Courts.

Basically, if an amicable solution with the opposite party is realistic, we strive to achieve this solution for you.

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