Karlsruhe Palace, the European Central Bank and the Water Tower in Mannheim collage, the 3 office location of Dr. Marcus Hosser.

Offices and Contact Details

Our specialist law firm for inheritance law has offices in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt am Main and in Mannheim.

With these, our law firm for international and German inheritance law with Dr. Hosser as a specialist inheritance lawyer is on-site for you in the southwestern part of Germany and on top of that in Frankfurt am Main:

In Karlsruhe as the central town of the Baden region, separated from our clients from the Palatinate region only by the river Rhine.

We are there for you in these locations and offer you on-site consultation, as well as explanations about German inheritance law for foreigners. Of course, in the current Corona-circumstances, we also consult you from the distance via telephone and/or video conferences.

In Karlsruhe, our office is only a few walking minutes from the central Europaplatz.

In Frankfurt am Main, you are welcome in our office in the Westend part of town, close to the central railway station of Frankfurt am Main.

In Mannheim, our office is located in the Fressgass‘, only a few hundred meters away from Mannheim’s Wasserturm (water tower).

All offices are conveniently located and there are parking facilities, at least in public parking garages.

We offer personal meetings after prior scheduling via telephone.

The choice of our locations is neither random nor based on geographic factors (axis Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Frankfurt am Main).

Our specialist law firm for inheritance law has offices in cities, with which Dr. Hosser is very familiar and to which, as well as to the people from the respective regions, he feels closely connected. In Karlsruhe, this includes, of course, also our clients from the Palatinate region.

For our estate litigation in Germany practice, it is important to know where the competent probate courts or regional courts are situated as well as possible prior contacts to the competent persons on the court’s side are in all regularity helpful.