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Inheritance, Last Will and Testament

The drafting of each individual Last Will and Testament is a matter of trust. The planning of your own succession is a highly personal, sensitive and emotional subject of the highest importance.


Under German inheritance law, you generally dispose of your whole estate by naming your heir(s). This may lead to an automatic transfer of title as regards to your assets when you are passing away. Those cornerstones illustrate the outstanding significance of professional estate planning.


We can also counsel you regarding the administration of an estate. The passing away of a close family member is a troublesome and emotional situation for all persons involved. After the death of a loved one, the average person does generally not think of the numerous legal situations this event can initiate such as deadlines for a disclaimer of interest, periods of notification under tax law or the co-heirs rights or the persons who are entitled to claim their compulsory portion under German inheritance law to name a few. We help you to keep an eye on these and other issues that may arise or – if you so wish – will take care for them for you.


Our law firm helps you with structuring your Last Will and Testament and advises you how to execute it in accordance with the German rules for testamentary form. The result of our counselling will fulfill your wishes accurately to the best possible extent, and avoid bad surprises for your heirs. We are glad to offer you a complementary tax optimization pursuant to German inheritance tax law for your Last Will and Testament.


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