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Companies, Shareholdings, Foundations and Trusts

We counsel entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized-companies, shareholders, founders or trustor and founders of a new business on company-law issues and such on German law on foundations and in the context of trusts.


In that connection, we offer preventive counselling regarding following issues:


  • choosing the correct form of organisation
  •  setting up the articles of association and other contracts
  • adaption of the articles of association or incorporation 
  • reorganization of the enterprise 
  • formation of a German foundation 
  • assistance with the formation of foreign-law-foundations or trusts 
  • procedures regarding the registration of the new foundation and 
  • acceptance of the foundation’s charitable status for tax purposes.

We also provide legal advice to our clients in conflict situations like:


  • disputes between the company members and/or shareholders
  • controversy between the shareholders and the management (notice of termination of a German limited liability company’s manager) or
  • conflicts in connection with a foundation or a trust, e. g. between the beneficiary and the foundation’s board members or trustee.

We are glad to represent you in within the German courts or in out of court proceedings.

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